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Hey, thanks for landing on this page and checking out a more extensive version of my humble-brag page 😄


I'm currently a Back End Software Engineer at Monzo 🏦, where I contribute to our mission of enhancing customer engagement. I’ve been programming for more than 9 years since I was 16 years old with Pascal.

I am very enthusiastic about Agile practices and frameworks that can assist us in being more Agile at work and allow us to achieve business goals as well as maintain psychological health in the work environment, and healthy team dynamics.

You will probably hear me often mention:

DRY, SOLID, YAGNI, simplicity, quick feedback loops, delivering fast - enriching later, mastering tech tools, discussing trade-offs in decision making.

Outside work
📚 Reading books☕️ I enjoy coffee
🎙 Listening to podcasts📍 Love travelling
💬 Attending local software meetups🎶 Listening to Hip-Hop, & EDM
✍️ Writing a blog post🖋️ Journaling
🥊 Practicing my boxing skills

My passion is never-ending search for knowledge, learning and pushing myself outside the comfort zone.

Professional milestones


  • 🎓 Graduated from International Hellenic University with the BsC of Computer Science with an average grade of 8.80/10.00 being at the top 1% of my cohort.
  • 🏢 Landed my first job as a fullstack engineer in Netcompany-Intrasoft where I developed an enterprise application for Social Security and Pension Institutions.


  • 🏢 Joined Kaizen Gamin (Stoiximan, Betano) the biggest online gaming company in Greece where I worked with microservices, SPAs, and distributed environments.
  • ✍️ I wrote my first blog post about restful APIs and instantly realised that I love writing, so this blog is created!
  • 🗣 I gave my first public talk about Clean Code and I fell in love with public speaking.


  • 🏢 Joined Codurance as a software craftsman. I'was looking to join this company for 5 years since I was an undergrad, and I have a blog post about my journey here. This was my first company working as a consultant, and it was an amazing journey, you can find here more. I worked for multiple clients throughout my journey to Codurance like:
    • RES (Renewable Energy Systems) where I helped them migrate their MVP from Python to Java.
    • Dealogic a financial markets platform, where I helped them decrease their tech debt, accelerate deliveries, reduce risks and maintenance cost of legacy projects.
    • eClinicalWorks a healthcare company. Working on an enterprise critical system, where I increased patient safety through building a testing framework.
  • 🤝 Started contributing in StackOverflow and reached 1000 reputation. This is where I realised how much I love mentoring and sharing knowledge.



  • 🏢 Joined Skyscanner as a back-end engineer in the Audience tribe where I help my team increase partner engagement through the affiliation marketing.


  • 🎙️ I delivered a talk at Devoxx Morocco on the topic of 'How to Build a ChatGPT Plugin: The Good and the Bad.' For more details, you can visit the 'Talks' section on my website.
  • 🏢 Joined Monzo as a back-end engineer, where I contribute to our mission of enhancing customer engagement


  • 📍 I am now focusing on startups, MVPs, growth, validated learning and all startup related stuff. I think the uncertainty of building a startup is big enough to make it challenging and that fascinates me! I am also in the process of writing my first book 🖋️

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